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Sales Forecast

Assertive calculations predict how much any given SKU will sell in a given period and in each store, assisting in the purchasing and replenishment processes.

MRP | Material Resource Planning

Through assertive calculations and artificial intelligence technology, our software indicates how much and when to buy according to the estimated forecasted demand.

DRP | Distribution Resource Planning

DRP is our module expert in distribution. It determines the exact number of SKUs that must be supplied in each store and shelf. With it, out-of-stock and overstock incidences are guaranteed to decrease


The Checkmix application helps identify products with a display problem, using algorithms that indicate non-standard behavior of SKUs.

VMI - Vendor-Managed Inventory

VMI allows the supplier to manage the inventory at the retailer or distributor. We manage the entire supply chain, monitoring data against established goals.


Our Visibility module ensures that sell-out information is shared in accordance with agreements established between the retailers/distributors and their suppliers.