VMI - Vendor-Managed Inventory

VMI is used by companies that wish to allow their suppliers’ management of stocks

To who is the VMI module for?

This module allows the supplier to manage and replenish its stock on the retailer. The rules for this operation are defined together with the partner company. Our platform then is responsible for managing the entire supply and demand chain as well as monitoring in real-time the compliance of the KPIs established, considering the goals agreed upon between the parties.




More assertive purchases

Our system assists assertive and secure decision making based on data and statistical calculations for your company’s purchases


Reduction of stock-out indexes

With assertive and smart stock management, our system helps to decrease out-of-stock rates


Reduction of stock coverage

With a wide view of the company’s supply and processes, it is possible to increase inventory turns by replenishing and offering products strategically


Increased customer satisfaction

Ensure your customers find the products they are looking for in your stores. Thus, increasing satisfaction and brand loyalty


Decrease of operational tasks

Through process automation, our system frees up operational time for other activities such as strategic planning


Cash flow release

With the right product management, resulting in reduced coverage and out-of-stock indexes, the company saves cash flow to channel it into other investments

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