Supply Chain solutions for retail

What you really need to buy and supply stores with security and accuracy

Save time

With accurate forecasts of purchases, sales, and replenishments

More control

With a complete view of your supply chain data  

Humanized technology

Face-to-face consultancy and owned-integration

Cutting-edge technology for your challenges today and tomorrow

Is your retail business facing any of these problems?

• Purchasing team lacks time

• Inefficient store replenishment

Low operational productivity of the Distribution Center

• Low Service Level on the supplier’s delivery

• Low predictability of demand​

Stock-out of some SKUs and overstock of others ​

• Merchandise is not displayed on the shelf​

Our solutions assist in overcoming these challenges

We are specialists in offering to retail:

  • Accurate and safe sales forecast

  • Optimized purchasing and store supply with the assurance of more balanced stocks

  • Features that assist in all strages of the supply and demand chain

How it works?

1 | Integration

We integrate ERP data with our solution in a fast, flexible, and completely monitored way 

Commercial delivery

2 | Forecast

Statistical algorithms and Machine Learning technology carry out the demand forecast while respecting the particularities of your business

3 | Purchase

Precise calculations assure high accuracy in purchasing suggestions and spare time for the commercial team 

4 | Monitoring

We monitor each KPI linked to both internal and external processes to ensure our high execution standards

5 | Replenishment

Smart algorithms ensure optimized replenishment for stores, respecting the outlined strategies

6 | Result

We provide more equalized inventories with fewer stock-outs, this ensures increased sales and reduced operational costs

What you really need.

Indikatore was created to offer cutting-edge technology to retailers when buying and replenishing stores with maximum security and accuracy.



25 %
30 %
stock coverage
20 %
Increased productivity at the DC 
70 %
Reduction of purchasing time

What our clients say

We were able to integrate the purchasing process, logistics supply, and store operation in a single tool. Ensuring the exact quantity of product arriving from the supplier and leaving to the stores in sync and still with very assertive forecasts is the operation we were looking for.

Monalisa Caminha
Strategic Management manager – Super Lagoa Supermarkets

The goal was to better balance the connection between Inventory x Demand, ensuring more profitability to the business and satisfaction of our customers, I highlight here the increase in inventory turns and reduction of stock-outs. I also observed an increase in the productivity of the DC, which gave us conditions to increase by 11% the number of centralized SKUs.

Daniel Hyczy
Commercial Director – Super Pão Supermarkets

Indikatore is a fantastic tool for inventory control and management. We have had considerable gains with the reduction of stock coverage levels and, mainly, of stock-outs in our stores.

André Lopes
Logistics and Supply Director. Rede TOP Supermarkets

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